Writing Tricks Plus+

  1.   Quick and easy ways to improve your students' writing skills.
  2.  Techniques to help students apply grammar skills, punctuation skills, and even poetry within their writing.
  3.  Powerful ways to meet your state's writing standard: "Uses a variety of sentence structure."
  4.  All of the Above

Obviously, the answer is D, all of the above. Every worksheet in Writing Tricks is designed to teach your students important language skills while encouraging them to apply these skills within their writing. Once your students have mastered each trick, they will have a powerful skill that they will use for the rest of their lives.

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  1. Teach the writing trick using the worksheets.
  2. Next, the students are required to use the writing trick immediately within a paragraph or story.
  3. The students practice the writing trick for journal time, homework, or future assignments.
  4. When students revise their writing, they have sixteen writing tricks that they can use to improve the quality of their writing.

Here is a list of the writing tricks featured in this book. This will give you an idea of the types of sentences your students will be learning to write:


"When we get to the mall," said Mom, "we'll look for your friend's birthday gift."

Introductory Phrase / Clause

While we all slept, Santa delivered presents for all of us.


Amy, my best friend in the world, is having a party.


Anthony worked, if you can call that work, for an hour.

Direct Address

Shawn, you did a great job.

Words in a Series

At the dance we're going to shake, rattle, and roll all night.

Phrases in a Series

The cat raced up the tree, across the branch, and over the fence.


A short, chubby man walked into the room.

Vaunting Verbs

The cheetahs bolted across the field.

Ly-How AdVerbs

The waiter carried the dishes carefully across the room.

Prepositional Phrases

In the middle of the room happy, little children sat at Mrs. Johnson's feet listening to a story.

Simile / Metaphor

We raced out of the room like bolts of lightning.


If the music gets any louder my head will explode.


Coach said Jimmy is off the team because he's a loose cannon.