Home School Writing Action Plan

This book is a homeschool writing action plan. It shows you the major concepts in writing and shows you how to pace your instruction. It will show you what to teach and when. This book does NOT contain lesson plans. By following the guide, you will know when to teach the following concepts in a way that assures mastery of each skill:The paragraph, essay, story writing, the research report, vocabulary, descriptive sentence writing, and more. Begin at any grade level. Pick the pacing guide that is right for your students.

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Part I: Summary of the Steps

The summaries of the steps are listed on a few pages.  This will help you know, at all times, where you should be, where you are headed, and where each step fits into the big picture of your child’s writing.

Part II: Pacing Charts

Pacing charts will help you decide where and when to begin and how much time to spend on each activity.  If you are beginning this program with an elementary school student, you will see how to slowly build you child’s writing skills over time.  If you are beginning this program with a high school student, you will be shown how to quickly, but effectively, deliver the same information.

Part III: The Road Map

Part 3 will show you how to implement each step and give you strategies to help reinforce the writing concepts. This section will not give you specific lesson plans. While Parts 1 and 2 tell you what to teach and when to teach it, this section points out key aspects of each section and provides sample worksheets and lesson plans.  One of the greatest advantages of this section is that it will point you to high quality, low cost lesson plans for each step.  Even better, it will show you how to make sense out of writing instruction using your existing curriculum.

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How To Write
Strong Essays

Your students will know exactly how to start, how to work through the writing process, and how to produce an excellent essay.

How To Write
Research Reports

Students will have the confidence to know that they can research, organize their ideas, and produce reports up to ten pages and beyond.  A great skill to have for future college students.

How To Write
Great Stories

An understanding of the elements of a story and how to use literary devices such as foreshadowing and character development will help your students write excellent stories.

Well Developed

Vocabulary development never ends.  Your students will know how to become life long vocabulary learners.

How To Write
Intelligent, Descriptive Sentences

Students will be able to write with a variety of sentence structures.  Therefore, not only will their reports, essays, and stories be well organized, but the sentences within them will be extremely well written.

Completely Prepared for the SAT/ACT College
Writing Exam

Many college entrance exams require a timed essay which becomes a significant part of their overall score.  Your students will be confident that they can generate an outline and produce a strong essay in the very limited time given for this task.

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