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These worksheets and lesson plans will help your students’ reading skills as they internalize the meaning of phrases and use them in their writing.

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Help your students understand common idioms. These worksheets and lesson plans will help your students’ reading skills as they internalize the meaning of phrases such as “Let the cat out of the bag”, “cold feet”, and “Birds of a feather flock together”. These worksheets will also encourage your students to begin using these entertaining expressions within the context of their writing.

Test Your Knowledge of Idioms

Think of an idiom that would fit each sentence below:
(See the answer key below.)

  1. A comedian is doing a great job. The audience loves her. They laugh at every joke. We can say that the audience is  __________________________________.
  2. Annie was excited about being in the play.  However, the show is tonight.  She is so scared that she doesn’t think she can perform. You can say that she has ____________________________.
  3. Jeff is having a bad day. He keeps dropping things.  He just spilled his juice. Today, Jeff seems to be ______________________.
  4. Tim got in trouble in class.  Now, everyone has to stay inside at recess. For the rest of the day, Tim’s classmates were angry at him.  You might say that Tim’s name is ________________.
  5. Ray always got into trouble at his old school.† However, since he started his new school, he has been perfect. You can say that he _________________________________.

Answers – 1. eating out of her hand 2. cold feet 3. all thumbs 4. mud 5. turned over a new leaf

Imagine completing this quiz after you’ve played games, made art projects, and had fun studying the real meanings behind these idioms. The quiz above would serve an entirely different purpose. Many worksheets are just activities to get students to practice skills. The worksheets provided in this book do that and more. There are hundreds of idioms in the English language. Learning them takes time and practice. With this Ebook, your students will have fun learning the meanings of the phrases and gain confidence with them as they complete worksheets similar to the quiz you just took.

Idiom’s Benefits

  1. Improved Reading Skills – Your students will learn the real meaning behind fifty of the most common idioms. Additionally, your students will be learning that many phrases have meanings that go beyond the literal definitions of the words themselves. These worksheets will train your students to look at words and phrases from multiple angles.
  2. Improved Writing Skills – Your students will use idioms to add personality to their writing.
  3. Perfect for English Learners – Students who are relatively new to the English language are often confused by idioms. “Let the cat out of the bag?” Many English learners may understand the words “cat” and “bag”, but the phrase has no meaning in the context of the sentence. Therefore, the meaning of the phrase is lost.

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eBook Details:

  • 5 Units – Ten Idioms, Three Worksheets Per Unit
  • Lesson plans that help students go beyond the worksheets.
  • This book contains 22 pages of fun, productive worksheets and lessons.

Your students will “have a ball” as you, the “head honcho”, have your students “eating out of your hand” while delivering these wonderful lessons.


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