Standards Based Grammar

Daily Grammar Program

Standards Based Grammar is a daily grammar program that systematically teaches your students every grammar skill required at each grade level. The purpose of Standards Based Grammar is to give the students the spoken and written rules of the English language in an easy, step-by-step program. It seeks to teach, assess, and add to prior knowledge.

Language Skills Taught in Context

Standards Based Grammar doesn’t just ask students to identify grammar errors. They learn grammar rules and apply them immediately into their writing.

Standards Based Grammar shows your students how to become grammar experts. Not only will they be able to understand each grammar rule, they will be able to articulate the logic behind each rule. Best of all, it’s easy to teach and simple to administrate.

Available for Grade 3; Grade 4; Grade 5; Grade 6; Grades 7-8; and a Home School Edition

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Student Worksheets

100+ worksheets provide practice for every 3rd grade standard. Each worksheet comes complete with lesson, examples, and student practice. Simply review the lessons (often, only minutes are needed), and you are ready to teach.

Journal Prompts

Do students really understand the grammar rules if they are not using the rules in their writing? These journal extensions give your students immediate practice as they apply each new grammar skill within an actual creative writing setting.



Each skill is assessed at the end of every unit. Use the assessments to reteach and communicate with parents.

Parent Checklists

As a parent, I would want to know if my child was having a hard time with certain concepts. The parent checklist provided after each test gives the parents a report about their child’s progress on each skill giving them the opportunity to work on skills at home as the class moves on to new concepts.


Student Checklists

Keep track of student progress over the course of the year. The two biggest advantages are: 1) Before state testing, use the student checklist to create review groups. Allow students to practice only the skills they need to prepare for state testing. 2) Give next year’s teacher a precise record of each student’s abilities. Your students' future teachers will be amazed at the thorough language preparation given to their new students.

As a complete grammar program, Standards Based Grammar’s value is second to none! Although this is a complete grammar program, it is so affordable that it can be purchased and used strictly as a supplement for your existing grammar program. We are confident that after using several of the worksheets you’ll be anxious to try the others. However, the versatility of the program allows you to:

  • Use entire units or just use individual worksheets to supplement what you are already doing.
  • Use the assessments to measure student growth.
  • Use the worksheets to prepare for state testing.
  • Use the checklists to keep track of your yearly pacing of grammar.

Incredible Value

With Standards Based Grammar you get almost TWO HUNDRED worksheets covering more than twenty-five standards. You’ll never buy another supplement again.

Easy Lesson Plan

With so many lessons to teach each week, you don't need another lesson plan for grammar. Each worksheet has the skill and lesson at the top of the page. Most lessons require just a few minutes of review, and you’re ready to go. The lessons on each page also serve as an excellent review when students need to review certain skills.

Improved Test Scores

Every worksheet in Standards Based Grammar has been tested in the classroom. The worksheets have been written and rewritten for maximum effectiveness. The advantage of Standards Based Grammar is unmistakable. Language scores improve with Standards Based Grammar. Several classrooms surveyed have shown more than 12% improvement in language test scores.

English Language Learners

Clearly, beginning language learners need intensive practice with English. Many English learners pick up just enough English to survive.

Standards Based Grammar forces English learners to acquire a deeper understanding of the English language. Furthermore, Standards Based Grammar helps the teacher keep track of the skills they are learning. NO child sneaks through the year without the teacher being aware of his/her abilities.

What about my district's language Program?

Many district language arts programs are one-size-fits-all programs. They combine reading, writing, grammar, language, and oral language skills into one program. In addition, they try to teach ELL, high functioning, middle functioning, and low functioning students all at once.

Using these programs, grammar is taught side-by-side with each reading unit. What if you don’t teach every story in your district’s reading program? What if you teach a grammar concept using the ONE worksheet they give you, and your students still need more practice? How do you know your students are mastering every grammar skill required on state tests? There is simply too much to monitor with these programs.

Standards Based Grammar gives you confidence that every skill is being taught effectively. At the very least, you can use Standards Based Grammar along side your current language arts program to guarantee the success of your students.