Complete Writing Program

If you've ever taught the writing process (prewrite, rough draft, revise-edit-revise, and publish), you know it can be very time consuming. Serious, meaningful conferencing between student and teacher is a luxury most teachers can’t enjoy very often.

Why not work smarter, not harder? The Complete Writing Program will show you how to set up your class so your students, not just you,  are modeling and reinforcing the skills you teach on a regular basis.


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How to Teach the Five Paragraph Essay
How to Teach the Paragraph

Save Time

Save yourself dozens of hours correcting papers. The teacher does not need to correct every piece of writing assigned in order for the students to receive meaningful feedback. The students will know what great writers do and share what they’ve learned with each other during writing conferences.

Peer Tutoring

Students learn how to communicate their knowledge of writing to others. Students will develop their writing skills within the five areas of great writing at a different pace. Therefore, during writing conference time, they share their own particular expertise. Your lessons become much more powerful when the students hear it again from fellow students.

Train Students to Think Like an Editor

You will have a class filled with mini-teachers reinforcing the skills you’ve taught. Imaging your entire class reteaching your writing lessons with each other.

More Efficient Conferences

Your own one-on-one conference time with the students will be more powerful. You can pinpoint problem areas within your students' writing. Furthermore, they will understand why they are weak in a certain area and begin improving.

Wide Variety of Lesson Plans

More lesson plans than you can use in a year. Select the lessons that are right for you and your students.

Impress Co-Workers and Administrators

Use these powerful lessons for your observations with the principal. Teachers who have used lessons from The Complete Writing Program for their evaluations have reported remarkable results. Administrators have been so impressed that they’ve requested workshops in order to train their entire staff.

You will be confident your students did well on these tests. In many cases, teachers will hear their students talking about the test after it is finished. “I saw an ‘Appositive’”, “I saw an ‘Interrupter’”, “I saw an ‘Adjective Writing Trick’”. Not only are the students getting the correct answers on the test, they are naming the rule that applied.

The Complete Writing Program is powerful on so many levels.

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