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Home School Information

Home School Information

Home school families are in a unique position to take advantage the writing materials on this website.  While the classroom teacher has ten months to make the most of these materials, the home schooler has years to internalize the lessons learned.  The unique benefits include:

The Complete Writing Program

This program teaches a process for writing.  Students begin by learning five aspects of great writing.  Next, the lessons in the book help your students build their skills in these five areas.  Just when the regular school children are building mastery, they move on to a new teacher with different ideas about writing.  The home school student continues to build on these skills year after year.  You will know just how to insert new home school curriculum into this program, and your children will get better and better in the five areas of great writing.

How To Teach the Five Paragraph Essay

Most classrooms can manage to teach the essay and help the students practice writing within different genres.  The home school student can do this and continue the mastery of the essay with this easy essay writing procedure.  Once again, when your home school curriculum introduces a new genre of writing such as Cause and Effect or Persuasive writing, your child will know just how to adjust their writing to satisfy this genre.

Standards Based Grammar

The materials here at are at their most powerful with the Standards Based Grammar series.  Every standard required for grades 3 through 8 are thoroughly covered with explanations for the teacher and student.  Furthermore, there are assessments and checklists for each standard which guarantees that your child masters every skill.  When other students are moving on to new teachers who may need months to figure out the specific needs of each child, these checklists will keep you on top of your child's progress.

Home school students who begin the grammar program at grade 3 or 4 can use the individual grade grammar books.  Older students can use the Home School Edition which covers every standard from grades 3 - 8.  It is recommend that this edition be used for middle school students or advanced fifth graders.  For middle school students, this edition will help you spot their areas of need and give you the resources to help them improve.  After finishing this book, they will have a completely well rounded education in grammar.
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