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What makes this program any different than the others out there like the ********, ********, or the ******** programs?  I am a home school teacher with two boys, both are reluctant writers.  Why should I try your program.


Hi Shelly,

The Home School Bundle will spell out everything you need to teach from the paragraph to the research report on six pages.  You'll see where to start and where you'll finish.  It will direct you to four books which are part of the bundle.

You will start with How To Teach the Paragraph which will show you one simple trick which will be the foundation of the program.  It's perfect for reluctant writers because it's easy to learn (and teach), and it's easy to remember.  You will use this one simple trick to expand into essay writing and research reports.  For example, later the Home School Writing Action Plan will direct you to How To Teach the Five Paragraph Essay and again to teaching the research report.  You will build on the simple trick learned in the paragraph to transition easily into these skills.

You will also be directed to sentence writing, vocabulary, and writing assessment in The Complete Writing Program and Writing Tricks Plus.  Thus, you will not only have students who can write great essays and reports, but the quality of the sentences within them will be intelligent.  For students who love to write, the sky is the limit as the lessons provide the flexibility to continue as far into the program as you would like. 

Therefore, this program summarizes the entire process for you in The Home School Writing Action Plan and directs you  to each step in the process.  It gives you the step-by-step lesson plans for teaching each of these skills within How To Teach the Paragraph, How To Teach the Five Paragraph Essay, The Complete Writing Program, and Writing Tricks Plus.  Elementary students can finish the program by middle school.  Middle and high school students can finish in two years or less.

Best of all, it's only a one time investment.  If you've purchased curriculum before, you know that you can spend hundreds of dollars, year after year.  Ours is a one-time cost of roughly $100.  Include a powerful grammar program in our Super Bundle, and your students will have everything they need at one low price. 

For a 53-minute overview of the program, here is a link to a workshop given to home school teachers in Long Beach.  It is a great way to begin the program as it walks you through the first few critical steps of the program.  Link:

All the best,

David Dye

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